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SNAH Healthcare Careers
for Men

Today’s guys are breaking through gender roles as often as women. In fact, jobs that have been traditionally female now account for nearly 30 percent of job growth for men according to a census data report.

Learn more about the booming healthcare economy, where jobs offer both professional rewards and personal satisfaction with great pay and flexible schedules.

The Reynolds Community College School of Nursing and Allied Health offers academic programs that lead to an associate degree, certificate, or career studies certificate. Learn more.

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IT Technology Careers 
for Women

The technology industry is booming, which means demand for skilled professionals in the field is also on the rise. In fact, Richmond, Virginia ranks in the top half of the country for tech jobs. According to the U.S. Department of Labor and Statistics, employment for network and computer administrators is expected to grow 28 percent through 2020.

Ladies, this is your time to become an expert in network infrastructure, security, data transport, information management, or a number of other Information Systems professions. There are several industry certifications which most employers prefer professionals to have. Learn more about what Reynolds offers and how you can get started.

Associate of Applied Science Degree 

Information Systems Technology

Students select from ONE of the IST Career Studies Certificate programs listed below to define an area of concentration for the Associate of Applied Science degree.

Career Studies Certificates 



IT Fire Science Careers
for Women

Feel A Call of Duty? Every 24 seconds a fire department responds to a fire in the United States, according to the National Fire Protection Association’s 2014 report. Firefighters are not only brave, they are very busy! And more than 11,000 career firefighters are women. 

Employment of firefighters is expected to grow about 7% between 2012 and 2022. Job prospects are expected to be most favorable for applicants who are in peak physical condition, have some firefighting education, and have passed mechanical aptitude examinations.

With the increasing complexity of modern technology in the fire protection field, it is necessary for fire protection personnel to acquire specialized knowledge and problem-solving skills.

Answer the Call!




The rapidly evolving field of technology has had a dramatic impact on the architectural/engineering professions. Computer-Aided Design (CAD) / Building Information Modeling (BIM) specialists take designs from engineers and architects and convert them into plans needed for construction.

The trend is moving towards building actual prototypes you can touch and feel. This is known as CAM or Computer-Aided Manufacturing. Most workers specialize in architectural, civil, electrical, or mechanical drafting and use CAD to help design everything from microchips to skyscrapers.

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IT Cyber Security CAREERS 

Cyber Security needs you!

Only 11% of the world’s information security workforce are women, according to the Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu — a non-profit passionate about helping and empowering women to succeed in the cyber security field.

The Reynolds fully accredited and completely online Cyber Security Advanced CSC prepares students to recognize and prevent threats to information and information systems, master techniques for defense against cyberattacks, and prepares students to sit for the CompTIA Security+ certification exam. Graduates will qualify for entry-level positions as network security specialists in local businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies. 

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Early Childhood EducationEarly childCare CAREERS 

Why would males consider a career in early childcare? Children need to see male role models, too. Most workers in the early childcare profession are female. That’s why it’s important for men who have a passion for early childcare development to pursue their dreams and make a difference in the life of a child.  

What does it take to be a good childcare provider? Be friendly. Be patient. Bring creativity. Bring competence. 

Learn. Laugh. Lead.




Start Your Engine And Your CareerAutomotive Technology CAREERS 

With today's vehicle it’s more about proper diagnosis than greasy repair work. A leading reason why women succeed in the industry is because they approach difficult problems in a unique way and tend to communicate better. Women are detail-oriented and typically strong in customer service, dexterity, organization, and trouble-shooting.

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