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Majors by CareersMajors by Career
To help you select your major or program of study, Reynolds has developed broad groupings of programs that reflect a variety of academic subject areas and career interests. Programs in each of the groupings share similar coursework, career opportunities, and related work activities to help you find the best fit for your interests, strengths, and abilities. The groupings listed here identify career and technical areas in which Reynold offers programs that prepare you to enter the workforce upon graduation. Associate of Applied Science degrees and certificates combine theoretical coursework and hands-on laboratory experience. Many degree programs also provide coordinated internship or cooperative education opportunities. While not designed for transfer, some applied degree programs have transfer agreements with select four-year colleges and universities. If advancement in the field requires a bachelor’s degree or higher, the appropriate Associate transfer degree is listed among the program options for that grouping.

Majors by Transfer Degree
To help you choose a major or transfer program of study, Reynolds has developed several Associate of Arts/Associate of Science transfer degrees that provide a foundation of general education, and selected prerequisite courses, for transfer to a four-year college or university. These transfer programs are not designed to prepare you for immediate entry into the workplace. Reynolds has dozens of guaranteed transfer agreements with four-year public and private colleges and universities. Students interested in this transfer opportunity or transferring in general should consult their faculty advisor upon program entry for further guidance. Reynolds also has a Transfer Center with information to guide you early on:

Majors by Career

Majors by Transfer

Majors by Transfer