Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Summer 2018

Ever thought about traveling to Africa or  Europe? Now's your chance! Reynolds Community College and John Tyler Community College  are sponsoring study abroad trips that will take students to Italy, Namibia, or to the Netherlands and Germany during Summer 2018. 

Namibia, Africa

MAY 8 - 19Namibia sand dune

This study abroad course will be an excellent opportunity for people interested in science to explore the wilder side of Africa. Our trip will take us to Namibia where we will explore the impacts of climate change on animal populations at a research station in the Namib Desert. We will then explore the wildlife of Etosha National Park on the second half of our tour.

This is an excellent opportunity for students to add research experience to their resumes, especially those majoring in fields such as biology, veterinary science, or medicine. There will be both pre- and post-trip meetings at Reynolds for the course work.


Classes are held at  Reynolds Community College.

BIO 299: Supervised Study in Ecology
credit hours




Rome, ItalyJune 23 - July 8

This exciting course will take participants on a journey of discovery to Italy where they  will have an opportunity to compare and contrast American and Italian Deaf Cultures. Participants will visit schools, political organizations and clubs for the deaf, all of which will provide them a glimpse into deaf life in Italy. 


Classes are held at  Reynolds Community College.

ASL​ ​293: Studies​ ​in​ ​Cultural​ ​Perceptions​ ​of​ ​Deaf​ ​Communities​ 
3 credit hours





Inquiring Minds, enlightened societies: Amsterdam to Berlin

June 23 - July 8

Join John Tyler Community College and Reynolds Community College for a Summer study program to The Netherlands and Germany. Using both philosophical and sociological perspectives, you will come to understand the history of Western thought and how important ideas have been incorporated to shape societies and improve the lives of individuals. Your adventures will highlight significant historical and cultural changes that have occurred throughout Europe.  


Classes are held at John Tyler Community College. Greece

SOC 268: The Analysis of Social Problems
3 credit hours 

PHI 220: The History of Western Ethics
3 credit hours









Voyage to Scotland, Ireland, England, France, Holland,  And The British Isles

July 7 - 20

Join Piedmont Virginia Community College for an online Business course combined with a cruise to Northern Europe.  


Classes are held at  Online.

BUS 280: International Business
3 credit hours

Note: It is also possible to participate in the trip without taking the course.