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Charging Textbooks

Students who wish to use their financial aid to purchase books and supplies from the college are able to do so no sooner than 10 days before the beginning of the semester and through the add/drop period of the semester. Please review the Key Deadlines tab to review the appropriate dates for each semester. Students who have an excess of their financial aid after their tuition/fees are covered are able to go by any campus bookstore to charge their books and supplies during this timeframe.

*Important note: Students who have regular session classes and later sessions classes for a semester will only be able to purchase books during the timeframe indicated above.

If students who are in later starting classes in the semester wish to use their financial aid to purchase books, they will need to contact the Financial Aid Office for a Bookstore Authorization Form to use in the Bookstore.

Students must understand the following when purchasing books from the Bookstore:

  • You were awarded financial aid to help cover the costs of educationally related expenses during your attendance at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College.  These funds should only be used to purchase books and supplies that are required for the classes in which you are enrolled. Your financial aid funds are intended for purchases made by you, for you, and should never be used to purchase textbooks or supplies for other students, staff, or faculty members.