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First time users must look up their Username, EMPLID, provide five security questions, and set a password before they can access their account. If you don’t already know your username, click Forgot Username on the MyReynolds login page.

Click the I'm not a robot box and click on the appropriate images that as directed.  When you are done, click Verify.  If your selections are correct, you can click Continue.  Otherwise, you will have to repeat the process.

Enter the following information, as directed, on the screen.  The information you enter must match what is currently listed within your student records.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Date of birth (in MM/DD/YYYY format)
  • EMPLID number or Social security number

Click Next.

  • If the information you entered matches what is in our records, you will be shown your username -- please print or write down the information for your records.  From this point, you can either select the option to login to your account (provided that you also know what your password is), or you can select the option to have your password reset.
  • If you see a message saying "The information you entered does not match anything in our records.  Please try again or contact your college for assistance," call the Reynolds Information Center at 804-371-3000 for further assistance.


If you do not know what your password is, click Forgot Password on the MyReynolds login page.

Then, enter your Username and click OK.

Answer three of the five security questions that you set up, and then click OK

  • If you did not set up any security questions/answers, you will see a message directing you to use the Advanced Password Reset tool.  Contact the Reynolds Information Center at 804-371-3000 if the Advanced Password Reset tool does not work.

Enter your password and then re-type it.  Click OK.

  • Your new password must be between eight (8) and 32 characters long and must contain at least one capital letter (A-Z), one lower case letter (a-z), one number (0-9) and one special character ($, #, etc.).
  • Do not use a previously used password.
  • Do not use your birthdate or include any spaces.

Verify that you see a message saying that "You have successfully changed your password and an email was sent to your inbox."

Allow up to 10 minutes for your new password to be accepted by all VCCS applications, including Blackboard, SIS (Student Information System) and Gmail.

Go back to the MyReynolds login page and login with your username and the new password you created.