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The Office of Student Accommodations assists students with documented disabilities to gain access to Reynolds programs, services, and activities. Our goal is to identify needs and implement services in accordance with the guidelines established by the Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

Students who wish to request accommodations should contact the Office of Student Accommodations [OSA] at the Downtown or Parham Road Campuses to schedule an appointment. Service for Goochland Campus is coordinated through the Parham Road Office.Our services include:

  • Registration assistance
  • Referral Information
  • Placement Testing Accommodations
  • Academic Accommodations

What are Accommodations?

Accommodations are services such as: note taking, extended time, technology, specialized equipment, and academic counseling, tailored to your special needs.

If you have a documented Learning, Physical, or Psychological Disability, you may be eligible for accommodations and should contact the Office of Student Accommodations on any of our three campuses.

It is your responsibility to schedule an appointment with the Office of Student Accommodations if you will require accommodations at Reynolds, wish to inquire about services, or drop off documentation.

Your appointment is used to gather information, discuss accommodations, and set up a plan for accommodating your special needs. During this appointment you will need to submit your documentation; if you need assistance requesting copies of your documentation from outside agencies, our office can assist in this process. Once your documentation has been processed and your class schedule determined, an Accommodation Notification Form (ANF) will be completed by a Disability Specialist at Reynolds.

It is your responsibility to take the completed ANFs to each instructor and to discuss your request for accommodations. You are not required to disclose detailed information regarding your disability unless you choose to do so. You are encouraged to be your own advocate, but we are here to help and guide you in this process.

Reynolds Policy 1-15 provides our students with the framework for requesting service.

New students should contact the OSA three weeks prior to the start of their first semester to begin the accommodation process and insure a timely delivery of the service they are requesting for that academic semester. Accommodations require planning and preparation; students need to become familiar with the process and the expectations the college academic setting will be making of them. College expectations will be different from the high school’s expectations.

Returning students, who received accommodations in a previous semester, must submit a copy of their schedule for the upcoming semester in advance of that semester. Accommodations are provided each semester only at the written request of the student prior to the start of that semester. (A students’ submission of their schedule in person is considered a written request for a returning student).