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Enrollment Services

Enrollment Services is a one-stop shop where students receive assistance with admissions, academic advising, financial aid and veterans benefits. Visit any campus to speak with an Enrollment Services advisor today.

Enrollment Services Hours will vary - see Registration and Advising Schedule

Academic advising within Enrollment Services is designed to facilitate a seamless transition into Reynolds and to provide institutional support that will encourage academic success and assist students with clarification of their academic, curricular, and career goals.  Enrollment Services advisors interpret placement test scores and recommend courses for new students, non-curricular students, and continuing students who have successfully completed 15 or fewer credit hours.

Students may also work with a faculty advisor in conjunction with an Enrollment Services advisor. Students are assigned a faculty advisor upon acceptance to Reynolds.  Most students will transition from an Enrollment Services advisor to a faculty advisor once they have achieved more than 15 credit hours. However, some academic programs require that students meet with a faculty advisor beginning their first semester of enrollment.

Reynolds requires students in academic distress meet with a faculty advisor or a  “Retention Services Coach” depending on their academic standing.


Downtown Campus
First Floor Lobby, Room 105
(804) 523-6464

Parham Road Campus
Georgiadis Hall, suite 100
(804) 523-6464

Goochland Campus
Lobby Area
(804) 523 - 5400