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Student Policies

Student Policies

 Policy Accompanying Forms & Documents
1-2 Tuition Refunds 11-000211-0007
1-3 Student Attendance 11-000211-0004
1-4 Student Complaints  75-0018
1-6 Satisfactory Academic Progress for
Financial Aid Students
30-0001, Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal Form
1-7 Incomplete ("I") Grade 11-0015
1-8 Student Email N/A
1-9 Award of Federal Work-Study N/A
1-10 Student Withdrawal from a Course(s) 11-000411-001530-0003
1-11 Admissions 11-002511-02611-030
Procedures for Denial or Revocation of Admission Status
, Required Documents for International Student Admissions , College Readiness Standard for High School Students , College Readiness Standard for Non-High School Students
1-12 Student Appeals of Academic and/or Administrative Decisions N/A
1-13 Award of Degrees Posthumously N/A
1-14 Student Sexual Misconduct (refer to 4-17) 75-0005
1-15 Eligibility of Students with Disabilities to Receive Accommodations 75-300175-3002
Guidelines for Requesting Interpreter Services
Guidelines for Using Calculators
Guidelines for Address Personal Care Attendant Needs
Guidelines for Using Service Animals on Campus
Guidelines on Course Substitutions
1-16 Military-Related Students N/A
1-18 Participation in Student Activities, Clubs, and Organizations Guidelines for Creating a Club
New Student Club Proposal
Sample Club Organization Constitution
Guidelines for Planning an Event
Student Life Event Proposal
Guidelines for Requesting Funds
Student Club Request for Funds
1-19 Academic Advising N/A
1-20 Effective Catalog Year N/A
1-21 Advanced Standing N/A
1-22 Behavior Intervention 75-0005, Mandated Assessment Procedures
1-23 Student Academic Honors and Recognition N/A
1-26 Student Privacy and Release of Student Information

Family Educational Rights to Privacy Act, Reynolds Form No. 11-0020, Release of Information Form

1-29 Participation in College-Sponsored Off-Campus Activities N/A
1-33 Senior Citizens Tuition Assistance 11-002111-0001
1-35 Student Conduct 75-0005
1-36 Treatment of Federal Financial Aid When
a Student Withdraws
1-37 Late Add 11-0034
1-38 Expressive Activity 75-0006
2-7 Academic Honesty 75-0005
2-12 Placement Testing and Developmental
Course Recommendations
11-0006Policy Addendum
2-15 Tests and Final Examinations N/A
2-18 Classroom Interruptions N/A
2-19 Electronic Devices on Campus N/A
4-3 Eating, Drinking, and Smoking In College Facilities N/A
4-4 Weapons N/A
4-12 Solicitation on Campus N/A
4-17 Title IX – Sexual Misconduct N/A
4-31 Children and Disruptive Non-Students on Campus N/A
4-39 Parking Enforcement N/A
4-40 Student and College Personnel ID Cards N/A
Statement Substance Abuse N/A
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