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The purpose of “Reviewing Your Academic Progress” is to help students review their information in the Student Information System to make certain that this information is correct, and to assess where you are in completing your chosen major. You may want to do this prior to speaking with your advisor.

You may use the computers in the Computer Lab if you do not have home access. The purposes of this review are to:

  1. verify information in your transcript
  2. confirm your curricular choice and
  3. create a list of courses remaining for you to take.

Log into MyReynolds
Access your Degree Progress Report in SIS. Be certain that you put J. Sargeant Reynolds and ADVSR in the appropriate drop-down boxes. Please check to determine that the following information is correct:

  1. Identifying information, curriculum and placement test information.
  2. Courses you have taken and the grades you received. (Those which you have completed are listed under each requirement.)
    *Your screen has required/actual/needed with numbers after it such as 9/3/6. This means that 9 hours are required, you have taken 3, and you need to take 6 more. Red means that you still have a requirement to complete under that heading.
  3. “Other courses” are courses that do not apply to your current degree program.

After viewing this information, answer the following on a separate sheet of paper:

  1. Is all of your identifying information correct? (Social security number, address, etc.) If not, please go to the >> Campus Personal box to correct it.
  2. What is your curriculum? Is it designed to transfer to a four-year college?
    Note: AS and AA degrees are designed to transfer to a four-year college. If you plan to go on to a four-year college and are in an AAS or certificate program, please speak with someone in Enrollment Services about changing your curriculum.
  3. List those requirements you have not satisfied.

Visit to find your curriculum program.
Then answer the following questions:

  1. Which occupational objective listed for your program interests you most?
  2. Which specialization most interests you? Is this the specialization in which you are enrolled? Note: Not all curriculums have specializations.
  3. How many credit hours must you take to graduate in this curriculum?
    Note: Add the courses you must take before you take these courses (such as English 01 if required) to find the total number of hours required for you.
  4. Which courses should you take next semester?
    Note: In general, curricula are designed so that you take courses in sequence each semester, for example you take Eng. 111 before you take 112. You can see which courses have prerequisites by “clicking on” that course and checking the course description.
  5. Does your curriculum have a practicum or an internship?

Email for an appointment:

Academic Probation Advising
Nicole Clifford, Student Success Coach

Academic Suspension Advising
Sarah Shutt, Counselor for Retention Services

Early Alerts Advising
Eileen Scanlon , Student Success Coach

Student Development Faculty

Lori Johnson, Assistant Professor