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Retention Services


Academic & Planning

  • Academic Calendar
    This calendar gives all of the important dates for your classes each semester. 
    Tip:  Pay close attention to Drop and Withdrawal dates as they are different for every class session and can impact your financial aid.
  • Exam Schedule
    Find out when the exams for your classes are scheduled. 
    Tip: Keep in mind that your final exams may not be offered at the same time that the class normally meets.
  • Library Services
    Access online databases and the library’s catalog of materials here. 
    Tip: The Library offers workshops on using research databases, citing your sources, and several other topics.
  • Study Guides & Strategies
    This site offers a number of resources and tips for studying, time management, taking tests, conducting research, and a lot of other useful topics.
  • Creating a To Do List/Calendar
    Tip: Keep in mind all of your obligations when scheduling your classes (i.e. work, family, etc.).  For every credit you take, plan on an hour a week in class and another 2-3 hours of reading and homework. 12 credits is considered full-time since its 12 hours a week in class + another 24-36 of homework. That’s the equivalent of a full-time job!
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)  
    Tip: Your grades, dropping, or withdrawing from classes can affect your GPA and your financial aid!

Tutoring & Student Support

  • Academic Support Center (ASC)  
    You can get 2 hour of free tutoring per week per class you take at Reynolds. 
    Tip: You’re not eligible for tutoring on a class you’re retaking and have previously earned a D or higher in.
  • How To Study
    This site offers a variety of study tips along with a section on “How to Write and Study by Course.”
  • SmarThinking
    You can get free online tutoring 24x7 from them as a Reynolds student. They offer a writing center, chats with a live tutor, scheduling an online appointment with a tutor, and other services in a variety of subjects.
  • Office of Student Accommodations (OSA)
    They offer services and support for students with physical, learning, or psychological disabilities.
  • Student Life
    They offer a number of fun activities for Reynolds students including clubs, game centers, trips, and intermural sports. 
    Tip: There are several clubs and workshops offered that may help you with balancing life outside of school with your course load.
  • VARK
    Find out what your learning style preference is here.  This site even offers suggestions on how to use your learning style to help you learn. 
    Tip: Using your learning style when studying can help you learn more effectively and quicker.


  • Financial Aid  
    Tip: Check your Financial Aid status before registration opens.
  • Virginia Credit Union Resources
    This site offers resources and suggestions on how to better manage your money now and in the future. 
    Tip: As a student at Reynolds, you’re eligible to open an account with them.
  • Wells Fargo Financial Education
    This site offers resources and suggestions on how to better manage your money now and in the future. 


Email for an appointment:

Academic Probation Advising
Nicole Clifford, Student Success Coach

Academic Suspension Advising
Sarah Shutt, Counselor for Retention Services

Early Alerts Advising
Eileen Scanlon , Student Success Coach

Student Development Faculty

Lori Johnson, Assistant Professor