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Testing Center

Paying for Tests

Paying for Tests

Students who wish to test out of ITE 115 using Credit by Able must purchase the SAM 2016 Challenge Access Codes from either the Parham Road or Downtown Campus bookstore. Check the bookstore website (under Student Services) for hours and to confirm the price. Or online at or online SAM Accecss Code.

The Foreign Language Achievement Testing Services (FLATS) is a Brigham Young University (BYU) exam. Reynolds is an exam proctor site for local students. The exam is $50 and students pay via credit card on the BYU website at Students will register for this test on the same site. Before coming in to take a FLATS exam, call the Testing Center location that you chose during the registration process to confirm that your BYU FLATS registration information and password have been received. 

General Information

Reynolds Community College
P.O. Box 85622
Richmond, VA 23285-5622

Downtown Campus
Room 111
(804) 523-5470

Parham Road Campus
Georgiadis Hall Room 104
(804) 523-5411  

Goochland Campus
(Testing Center Closed)
Room 239
(804) 523-5421