Equity Through Action is an intentional approach to work harder because we must. At Reynolds, equity means understanding our students and what they need from us on day one.

Equity requires organizing ourselves to be better educators. Equity is ensuring that our students feel that they belong, feel that they are seen, and feel that they are valued. And we must comprehend what it takes to be better colleagues to one another and better members of the community we serve. In these and other ways, Reynolds commits to creating a more inclusive and equitable institution for our faculty, staff, and students.

Dr. Terricita Sass 
"It was the day when the idea and legal action of freedom and equality officially began. It was proclaimed that the day would be a national celebration of culture, music, achievements and the many contributions of newly freed Americans. Except it wasn't..."

Read or listen to this personal essay by Dr. Terricita Sass, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Success.

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Equity Through Action Special Events


Juneteenth 2020 Community Conversation


2019 Equity Through Action Panel Discussion


 2019 Equity Through Action Panel Photo Slideshow

 Equity Through Action Panel


2019 Inauguration Keynote Address by Dr. Pando


2019 Inauguration Ceremony (Albert Walker remarks)