Media Center

The Media Center at Reynolds includes
the Communications Office and the Marketing Office

The Communications Office is a strategic partner for many different programs, people and organizations inside and outside the college. It serves many constituencies in such as Media Relations, Internal Communications, Special Events, Interactive Communications, Legislative Affairs, and Community Engagement. Contact the Communications Office at (804) 523-5229 or

The Marketing Office handles web design and development, publications and printing, paid advertising, graphic design, strategic marketing and brand management. We’re also pretty fun. Contact the Marketing Office at (804) 523-5231 or


Top News

Janeen McNeishReynolds Student Named 
Valley Proteins Fellow for
4th Consecutive Year

She’s here. She’s there. She’s everywhere. "And that," says Valley Proteins Fellow Janeen McNeish, “is one of the most important keys to student success. You have to be everywhere. You have to be visible. If you want to stand out, you have to give to your school, and to your community. You have to volunteer.” In her first year on campus Janeen was everywhere, devoting every bit of her time and energy to her studies, her college, and her community. And her philosophy paid off. It has earned her scholarships, the respect of faculty, administration and fellow students, and the latest award: the prestigious designation of Valley Proteins Fellow for the 2019-2020 academic year. Learn more about Janeen, and what sustains her through her crazy-busy schedule.



Dr. Pando Equity ChampionRMHF Recognizes Dr. Pando as
Equity Champion

Each month the Richmond Memorial Health Foundation (RMHF) highlights an individual in the community committed to championing equity.


This month the Foundation recognized Reynolds President, Dr. Pando. In their newsletter she shares her perspectives on equity and the role education plays in health. Read Dr. Pando's Q&A interview.


Mark AlexanderOutstanding Scholarship
Student Series Featuring:
Mark Alexander 

“’I’m never going back to school.’ That was me when I graduated from high school,” admits Mark Alexander now entering his second semester at Reynolds. “It just wasn’t for me. It had been 30 years since I opened a textbook except to help with homework. But, from the very first day I walked through the door at Reynolds to register for classes everybody, especially Mr. Brown at the front desk [downtown campus], has made me feel like I belong here, like school is for me.” Learn more about Mark and his educational journey.