Media Center

The Media Center at Reynolds includes
the Communications Office and the Marketing Office

The Communications Office is a strategic partner for many different programs, people and organizations inside and outside the college. It serves many constituencies in such as Media Relations, Internal Communications, Special Events, Interactive Communications, Legislative Affairs, and Community Engagement. Contact the Communications Office at (804) 523-5229 or

The Marketing Office handles web design and development, publications and printing, paid advertising, graphic design, strategic marketing and brand management. We’re also pretty fun. Contact the Marketing Office at (804) 523-5231 or


Top News

Reynolds Student Invited to NASAemily krause

You're selected, accepted, invited. Those simple words can change the course of a student’s life. Whether it’s being selected for an internship, accepted to a college, or being invited to participate in an elite study program, a door has opened and anything can happen next.The door that opened for Reynolds Computer Science student Emily Krause was an invitation to participate in NASA’s National Community College Aerospace Scholars (NCCAS) program. Read about Emily and her NASA adventure.


Ryan Evans at Hatch Kitchen RVAHatching Dreams

Richmond is a growing place. Urban gardens spring up in warehouse districts, next to parking lots, and within a tomato’s throw of busy interstates. Breweries? Ten years ago Richmond had one. Now there’s 30. Coffee shops and roasters. Specialty packaged foods from A to Z. And restaurants? A world of foods are around every Richmond corner.

Ever wonder how these businesses get started? Blood, sweat, tears, seat-of-the-pants learning, desperate appeals for money, wings and prayers? Not anymore. Now fledgling foodie dreamers have a nest they can feather before taking flight. Now they have Hatch Kitchen RVA.



The Kitchens at Reynolds TimerWhere Can We Go From Here?

The Kitchens at Reynolds will open its doors at 2500 Nine Mile Road during the 2019-2020 academic year. But the new building will be home to more than just a culinary school. For East End residents it will also serve as the front door to an amazing menu of workforce training and academic opportunities. Follow The Kitchens Timer for the latest countdown news, facility sneak peeks, enrollment information, interviews, and events. The Kitchens at Reynolds is the starting place for a culinary education, but the paths students can take after graduation vary as greatly as a well-stocked spice cabinet. Where can we go from here?