Media Center

The Media Center at Reynolds includes
the Communications Office and the Marketing Office

The Communications Office is a strategic partner for many different programs, people and organizations inside and outside the college. It serves many constituencies in such as Media Relations, Internal Communications, Special Events, Interactive Communications, Legislative Affairs, and Community Engagement. Contact the Communications Office at (804) 523-5229 or

The Marketing Office handles web design and development, publications and printing, paid advertising, graphic design, strategic marketing and brand management. We’re also pretty fun. Contact the Marketing Office at (804) 523-5231 or


Top News

Chef Jesse Miller and Culinary StudentsPartners in Wine:
150 Gallons of Soup &
5,000 Chocolates

After appearing on Virginia calendars every February or March for the past 13 years, Richmonders probably know something about the Virginia Wine Expo. But, what you might not know, and what might motivate you to attend or get involved, is one of the original goals for the event was raising money for a charitable beneficiary.

In 2020, the J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College Educational Foundation will be the Expo's next charitable beneficiary, with proceeds supporting The Kitchens at Reynolds.

Learn how you can support at this event.



Food PantryReynolds & The Food Pantry Win

From September to November 30, nineteen VCCS colleges with Follett operated bookstores encouraged customers to “round-up” their purchases to the nearest dollar as a contribution to their local campus food pantry. Reynolds began at the bottom of the participating colleges, and in two short weeks, surged to finish second. A special thank you goes out from Curt Smith to all those in our Reynolds community for accepting the challenge and demonstrating their generosity. Reynolds raised $2,324.01.

Learn more about the challenge.



Marcus TaylorWho is Marcus Taylor?

Is Marcus Taylor a barber? A dog breeder? A house rehabber? A car salesman? Or, a personal trainer? The answer is yes, and no. Yes, Marcus has done all these things, but they aren’t all he is. He still works as a barber and he still rehabs homes, but he has bigger plans for his future. Asking himself, “Who is Marcus Taylor” was the question that eventually landed Marcus at Reynolds.

Right now, what Marcus is, is a Reynolds student.

Read what Marcus has to say about Reynolds.