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Department of Police

Crime Awareness & Prevention

We encourage all students, faculty, staff and visitors to take an active role in their own safety and security while on campus. By following these guidelines, you can help maintain a safe environment for everyone at the College.

  • Walk in well-lighted and well-traveled areas after dark.
  • Use the LiveSafe App to have a friend monitor your safety.
  • Walk with a friend or call the Department of Police for an escort.
  • Immediately report all suspicious persons, vehicles, or activities to the Department of Police.
  • Immediately report all crimes, security-related problems, and hazardous conditions to the Department of Police.
  • Keep yourself informed. Check campus email and bulletin boards for campus alert notices pertaining to specific security conditions on campus.
  • Take advantage of informational and crime prevention programs sponsored on campus.
  • Never study alone in an isolated area of a campus building.
  • Lock your car and secure valuables when using campus parking facilities.
  • Become familiar with emergency exits and the locations of fire alarms and fire extinguishers.
  • Lock offices when not present. Do not loan keys to anyone.
An informed campus community can significantly reduce the occurrence of crime on campus. Security procedures, crime prevention, substance abuse, fire safety, and sexual assault are topics covered during new student orientation and in a number of programs during the academic year on each campus. Several groups and organizations, such as the SGA, the Henrico Police Department, the Virginia State Police, and the Virginians Against Domestic Violence provide speakers, literature and other programs throughout the academic year.

Campus Crime Statistics
Ext. 655911 from an on-campus phone.
(804) 523-5911
Ext. 655219 from an on-campus phone.
(804) 523-5219

Parham Road Campus
Communications Center and Headquarters
Burnette Hall, Suite 100
(804) 523-5219

Downtown Campus  
Room 122
(804) 523-5219

Goochland Campus  
(804) 523-5407
The Kitchens
2500 Nine Mile Road