As part of a long-term program to help maintain or recover, its ability to provide the essential service functions to faculty, students, and staff the college has developed a continuity of operations (COOP) plan. A COOP plan:

  • Ensures the college can sustain its academic mission under all conditions by reducing or mitigating disruptions to operations;
  • Helps achieve a timely and orderly recovery and reconstitution from an emergency. Minimizing property and damage loss will ensure the college does not face extraordinary financial pressure in the wake on an emergency;
  • Protects personnel, facilities, equipment's, records and other assets in the event of a disruption; and
  • May reduce the loss of life and/or injuries during an emergency or disaster.

The basic plan will outline the college-wide considerations for guiding the overall COOP program. Each department/division plan will capture critical operational data that supports the department during COOP plan implementation. Department plans are designed so that they may be implemented individually.

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