Visit Active Shooter Preparation for more information on what to do if an active shooter is present on campus.

Visit Quick Action Guide.

To receive additional emergency and safety training; use the link to submit the Emergency Training Request .

Emergency Response Guides
Annex A - Earthquake Preparation and Response Guide
Annex B - Communicable Disease Prevention Response Guide
Annex C - Medical Emergency Response Guide
Annex D - Emergency Evacuation Response Guide
Annex E - Bomb Threat Response Guide
Annex F - Workplace and Campus Violence Response Guide
Annex G - Suspicious Package Response Guide
Annex H - Power Outage and Utility Failure Response Guide
Annex I - Tornado and Severe Weather Response Guide
Annex J - Oil and Chemical Spill Response Guide
Annex K - Regional Emergency Preparation Response Guide

Addendum A - Bomb Threat Checklist
Addendum B - Symptoms of Emotional Distress

The department maintains close contact with other
Office of Emergency Management agencies to include:

Virginia Department of Emergency Management
Richmond City Office of Emergency Management
Henrico County Office of Emergency Management and Workplace Safety
Goochland County Office of Emergency Management