Welcome Transfer Students!

Are you ready to receive a quality education at a fraction of the cost of four-year colleges? Many of our professors at Reynolds also teach at four-year universities like Virginia Commonwealth, University of Richmond, and private online colleges.

What type of transfer student are you? 

  • I’m interested in saving more than $20,000 by starting at Reynolds in a transfer program and completing my associate degree before transferring to a four-year school.
  • I know Reynolds is the largest feeder of students to VCU, and prepares them for future success as a Ram. I want to get my start at Reynolds before transferring to VCU.
  • I’d like to take some typically harder classes at Reynolds, when I’m home from college, to allow me to focus on these subjects and keep my GPA strong - then transfer these classes back to my home institution. 
  • I thought I was ready for a four-year college but turns out I belong at Reynolds to help me prepare more for college-level classes. And this is a common experience for students like me. 
  • I’m not sure. And I’d like to speak with a transfer advisor to learn what path is best for me.

Transfer programs and four-year degree pathways at Reynolds

  • Business Administration AS (Transfer) 
  • Engineering AS (Transfer) 
  • General Education C (Transfer) 
  • General Studies AS (Transfer) 
  • Liberal Arts AA (Transfer) 
  • Science AS (Transfer) 
  • Social Sciences AS (Transfer)