It's cooking and conversation with Reynolds President Paula Pando! Dig in to the latest college news and topics of interest while Dr. Pando prepares and shares her favorite recipes. With a side of fond food memories, each episode is too good to miss.

Episode 5: Excellent Meatballs

We're celebrating the new year with one of President Pando's most sought-after dishes... excellent meatballs! Enjoy this episode of Dishin' with Paula as we learn the culinary secrets that make these meatballs so excellent and what's ahead for Reynolds in 2024.

Download the full Excellent Meatballs recipe.

Episode 4: Brown Butter Cornbread

The holiday season is the time for counting blessings and breaking bread with family and friends – in this case, brown butter cornbread! Enjoy this episode of Dishin’ with Paula as President Pando shares a recipe that’s simple and delicious all year long.

Download the full Brown Butter Cornbread recipe.

Episode 3: Paulita's Jambalaya

Thanksgiving brings us together for food, family, and fellowship - but, who says it can't be spicy? Dr. Pando gives this traditional meal some kick with Paulita's Jambalaya.

Download the full Paulitas Jambalaya recipe.

Production Note: The appropriate steps were taken to produce this video maintaining a safe environment. All participants were masked upon entering The Kitchens at Reynolds and remained so with the exception of Dr. Pando and Marianne McGhee for portions of the taping, as masks worn during the production would have significantly diminished the sound quality of the production. Because Dr. Pando and Marianne are fully vaccinated, with both receiving recent boosters, they made the mutual decision to proceed with the demonstration portion of the taping unmasked. They were speaking more than 15 feet from the studio audience. The eight members of the studio audience were masked and seated apart from each other in the Demonstration Theater, abiding by CDC guidelines. Briefly, the audience members were unmasked to sample the prepared dish. At no other time were President Pando, Marianne McGhee, or any other colleagues unmasked while at The Kitchens.

Episode 2: Paula's Desert Island Dish

In Session 2 Dr. Paula Pando, President of Reynolds Community College, is "dishin" with Marianne McGhee, Director of Development. What's on the table is Paula's Desert Island Dish. Tune in!

Download Paula's Desert Island Dish recipe.

Episode 1: Brazo de Reina

In Session 1 Dr. Paula Pando, President of Reynolds Community College, is "dishin" with Marianne McGhee, Director of Development. What's on the table is a special Chilean dessert, along with news and views on the college. Tune in!

Download the full Brazo de Reina recipe.