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Reynolds Community College  - Quick Action Guide

 Tornado or Severe Weather

If a Reynolds Alert, Warning or instruction from faculty or staff is received Move to an interior room, without windows, on the lowest floor of the building If you are outside, go to a sturdy building immediately Cover your head and neck with your hands or a soft object (e.g. pillow) Do not leave until you are notified to do so

Medical Emergency

Call 523-5911 on campus, 911 if off campus Notify faculty, staff or college official, who will notify his\her supervisor Do not perform any medical treatment that you are not trained to perform Send someone for an AED and\or First Aid Kit if appropriate Send someone to flag down the ambulance and lead them to the victim


Call 523-5911 on campus, 911 if off campus Pull a building fire alarm Do not try to extinguish a fire larger than an office trash can, follow extinguisher instructions Leave the building safely but quickly

Bomb Threat

Remain Calm - Get as much information as possible from the source, write it down Stay on the line, have someone Call 523-5911 on campus, 911 if off campus Do not use a mobile phone Do not touch anything you cannot identify Police will advise you what to do – follow their directions

Threats or Threatening Behaviors

Be aware of unusual behavior, if you see something say something Remain calm, listen to their complaints\demands Leave the area as soon as it is safe to do so

Violence or Hostile Intruder

Get out if it is safe to leave where you are or Hide where you are, locking the door, silence cellphones or Fight as a last resort Call 523-5911 on campus, 911 if off campus

Suspicious Package

Do not touch the package or go near it Leave the area immediately Call 523-5911 on campus, 911 if off campus – Do not use a mobile phone Police will advise you what to do – follow their directions

Power Outage

Call 523-5911 if you are on campus Police will advise you what to do – follow their directions IF you are told to leave the building, you may not return without permission Classes\work will not be cancelled except by the College President 


Indoors: Stay where you are and cover your head by getting under a sturdy table or desk

Outdoors: Stay outside, move away from anything that could fall on you DO NOT enter or leave a building during an earthquake

Afterwards: Carefully check for falling debris, glass or metal before exiting the building

Chemical Spill or Leak

Take note of the chemical name or number If you can do so without approaching Move away from the spill or leak to a safe distance Call 523-5911 if you are on campus Only trained personnel may attempt to clean a spill per their training.



Additional detailed information is available in the Reynolds Community College Crisis Emergency Management Plan. You can obtain a copy from the website:

For all other emergencies

  • On campus call 523-5911
  • Off campus call 911

Students, parents, faculty, staff, visitors and community members are strongly encouraged to sign up for Reynolds Alerts. This free service is the fastest way to obtain emergency notifications and timely warnings.

The Reynolds Police Department is professionally accredited by the Virginia Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission. Our police officers have full powers of arrest and concurrent jurisdiction on all campuses of J Sargeant Reynolds Community College. The fastest way to obtain assistance is to call for officers who are already on campus. You can call 5911 from any campus phone or (804) 523-5911. 



Ext. 655911 from an on-campus phone.
(804) 523-5911
Ext. 655219 from an on-campus phone.
(804) 523-5219

Parham Road Campus
Communications Center and Headquarters
Burnette Hall, Suite 100
(804) 523-5219

Downtown Campus  
Room 122
(804) 523-5219

Goochland Campus  
(804) 523-5407
The Kitchens
2500 Nine Mile Road