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LiveSafe is a free app for your smart phone and  is available to all Reynolds students, staff and faculty. 

  • LiveSafe allows you to privately choose a friend to watch you get safely to where you want to go.  Whether you walk or drive, they simply watch you on their phone. 
  • Simply indicate a start point and destination, then choose who can see the information and watch you. 
  • Your friend/family member makes sure that you arrive at your car, class or home safely. 
  • Alerts are sent if you don’t make it in time, and your ‘watcher” can call and check on you or send you assistance.
  • Allows you quick emergency communication with campus police via phone or messaging during college hours. 
  • Off campus or after college hours, one button will call the 911 dispatch center for the jurisdiction you are in, and your location is shared only after you press the button to contact the police.
  • You can also submit anonymous tips to the campus police.

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Reynolds  LiveSafe


The free app for your smart phone is available to all Reynolds students, staff and faculty.  

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Download Livesafe App, search for Reynolds, and select Reynolds Community College.  Once you download the app and entered your information.  Reynolds home screen includes GoSafe, Resources, Report Tips, and Emergency Options.
Ext. 655911 from an on-campus phone.
(804) 523-5911
Ext. 655219 from an on-campus phone.
(804) 523-5219

Parham Road Campus
Communications Center and Headquarters
Burnette Hall, Suite 100
(804) 523-5219

Downtown Campus  
Room 122
(804) 523-5219

Goochland Campus  
(804) 523-5407
The Kitchens
2500 Nine Mile Road