The Office of Student Life provides this service to breastfeeding mothers. The purpose of the room is to enable them to "pump" expressed milk for later use once they physically return to work and/or are attending classes. The lactation rooms are located in Room 343 at the Downtown Campus and Georgiadis Hall Room 236 on the Parham Road Campus.

Lactation Room Procedures

  • Students, faculty and staff who wish to have regular access must complete this request form to register and receive an access card. The card allows the individual to access the room any time they are on campus and the room is not occupied.
  • The room will be available on a first come, first serve basis.
  • When the room is in use, a sign must be placed on the door that says in use and the door should be locked.
  • Individuals must bring their own equipment and no items can be stored in the room.
  • Surfaces should be wiped down once the individual is done using the room. The sign should also be removed and placed in the room.
  • When the individual no longer needs to use the room, she should return the card to the Office of Student Life. Cards will be deactivated at the end of every semester.