Division Goals

Reynolds launched the new Strategic Direcion at the college's convocation in September 2021 to align with the 50th anniversary of Reynolds Community College. The vision reflects a purpose of serving our diverse student population and the needs of the Richmond region.

The Enrollment Management and Student Success Division has identified the following goals and strategic initiatives that align with the college strategic direction:

Overall Division

  • Implement a summer bridge program with 25-50 participants enrolled.


  • Increase new student headcount by 2% as a result of implementing the year one initiatives of the recruitment plan.

Financial Aid

  • Develop and implement a (financial literacy) program that improves student proficiency in financial literacy by 6.5 percentage points, from 68.5% to 75%.

Dean of Students

  • Establish a baseline concerning student engagement satisfaction that will inform future planning.

Advising Services

  • Will meet (phone, zoom, and face to face) with 60% of their caseload students at least two times in the spring semester.

Student Support and Wrap-Around Services

  • Increase the use, drawdown and impact of Single Stop to at least $750,000.
  • Utilize Single Stop to increase the number of confirmed students receiving SNAP benefits by 50%.

Veterans Services

  • Improve Veteran student's engagement processes by establishing a baseline of current student satisfaction with services that are provided for future planning.


  • Refine the graduation review process improving faculty satisfaction from 83% to 90%.

Strategy and Analysis

  • Identify EMSS data needs and work with IRE to develop SAS dashboards and plug-in tools to meet at least 50% of those needs.

Library, Information Services and Academic Support

  • Establish a baseline for measuring the impact of tutoring services on student course success.
  • Support college's DEI commitment to engage students by conducting a diversity audit of Reynolds collection.

Testing Centers

  • Develop a plan and recommendations for expanding the role of Testing Centers as a result of Direct Enrollment.

Student Accommodations

  • Increase college-wide awareness of OSA and how students access services by engaging at least 1 time with the following constituent groups: Faculty, Professional and Administrative Faculty, Classified Staff and students. Will solicit feedback via survey after the presentation to determine if awareness was increased.

Student Life

  • Increase the number of active student-led clubs from 3 clubs to 10 clubs.

Information Center

  • Increase Live Chat customer satisfaction rate by one point to an overall rating of 4.5% out of a possible 5 %.
  • Increase overall customer satisfaction through staff training and development.

Division Office

  • Provide bi-weekly strategic leadership, planning, and engagement sessions as well as follow up reporting in support of achieving the annual benchmarks of Focus areas 2 & 3 of the Strategic Direction.
  • Work collaboratively with IRE to develop and launch the identified data structures and tools (I.e., Data Governance, dashboards, All Access Pass, and 4DX) in support of data close to practice for leaders, faculty, and staff and support the upcoming ATD partnership.