Following is a list of approved Professional Readiness electives. Professional Readiness is the ability to work well with others and display situationally and culturally appropriate demeanor and behavior. Degree graduates will demonstrate skills important for successful transition into the workplace and pursuit of further education.

Prior to enrolling in the courses on this list, students should check the course descriptions to ensure that they meet any pre-or co-requisites.

To avoid transfer problems, students should carefully select courses to fulfill elective requirements with the assistance of their advisors and upon an investigation of the transfer requirements of the institution to which transfer is contemplated.

Interpersonal Communication: ability to maintain open, effective, and professional communications.

Workplace Demeanor: ability to demonstrate appropriate workplace and classroom demeanor and behavior.

Teamwork: ability to work effectively with others on a task in a group or a team to achieve a common goal while maintaining constructive interpersonal relationships.

Creative Problem-Solving: ability to solve a challenge or program through innovative ways.

Ethical Reasoning: Ethical Reasoning is reasoning about right and wrong human conduct. It requires students to be able to assess their own ethical value and the social context of problems, recognize ethical issues in a variety of settings, think about how different ethical perspectives might be applied to ethical dilemmas, and consider the ramification of alternative actions. Students' ethical self-identity evolves as they practice ethical decision-making skills and learn how to describe and analyze positions on ethical issues (AAC&U definition).

Leadership: Discern and describe personal leadership style, strengths, and limitations.

Cultural Awareness, Sensitivity: recognize personal, multiple identities, experiences and biases, and how these affect one's ability to lead.

Professional Readiness Electives

CST 110

CST 229

ENG 111

ENG 112

HLT 116

HLT 215

HLT 230

PHI 111

PHI 220

PSY 200

PSY 230

SDV 100

SOC 200

SOC 211