ESL Checklist for New & Returning Students

  1. Is this your first time applying to Reynolds? If so, follow the steps below. If not, proceed to Step #2.
    • Apply online by going to

    • At the top of the screen in the red bar, click: Apply Now

    • If you graduated from high school, check "yes" on the application when asked. Be sure to choose "I graduated from high school in a foreign country" if you completed high school outside of the U.S.

    • If you are interested in applying for financial aid, choose a program plan. If you are not sure about which program plan to choose, select the one that interests you the most at this time or speak with an ESL advisor. You must choose a program plan to qualify for financial aid. ESL is not a program plan, but financial aid will cover ESL classes.

    • Print a copy of your application receipt. It will include your SIS: EMPL ID number.
      You will need to give us this number when you schedule your placement test.

  2. Are you returning to Reynolds after a few years or are you coming here from another community college in Virginia? If so, follow the steps below.

    Apply to the College as instructed above. When you are asked if you have ever attended a community college in Virginia, choose "yes," and select the name of the college from the drop down list. This includes choosing Reynolds Community College if you attended Reynolds but have been out of school for a few years.

  3. Submit all necessary documents to the Registrar's Office located in 207 Georgiadis Hall.

    You will need to provide your green card and other relevant documents. These typically include copies of Virginia tax returns from the previous year, your Virginia driver's license or state-issued ID, etc. Information on which documents are required can be obtained in the Admissions office or by calling them at 804-523-5029.

  4. Are you interested in applying for Financial Aid? You must be a permanent resident (green card holder) or a citizen AND be a high school graduate in order to qualify for financial aid.

    Follow this link to the FAFSA application or contact Zeinab Othman in the ESL office for assistance. She can be reached at 804-523-5020 or The school code for Reynolds is 003759. You will need to put this on your Financial Aid application.

    Financial Aid Deadlines:
    Fall Semester (August - December)
    Recommended deadline: April 15

    Spring Semester (January - May)
    Recommended deadline: September 15

    Summer Semester (May - August) If you are a new student starting in the summer, you will need to complete the
    Recommended deadline: March 15 FAFSA for the current year.

  5. Make an appointment for your ESL Placement Test Call the ESL Office at 804-523-5020 to schedule your placement test. The test and orientation sessions are by appointment only. You must have a student EMPL ID to take the test. You'll get this ID number as soon as you complete the college application online.

    • Part 1, Day 1: Writing and Reading Tests Room 205 Burnette Hall
      Part 1 of the test takes approximately 2-2 ½ hours. It includes a 40-minute writing test on paper and an untimed reading test on the computer.

      Tests are given by appointment only on Mondays at 5:00 pm & Fridays at 11:00 am. (Days and times are subject to change.) They will be given starting approximately 8 weeks before each new semester. Call the ESL office to schedule your appointment.

    • Part 2, Day 2: Oral Interview and Test Results Room 220 Burnette Hall
      Part 2 consists of a 30-minute oral interview at which time your listening and speaking will be assessed. You will also be given your complete placement test results at this appointment.

  6. Register for your classes.

    After you finish your testing, bring your results to Ms. Zeinab Othman (220-Q Burnette Hall) to register for your classes during open registration.

    You will have an ESL hold on your student account. This just means that ESL students must register in person in the ESL office; you do not need an appointment to register for classes.

    Immediately after registering for your classes, you will get a print-out of your class schedule. If you want to make changes to your schedule, please see Zeinab in the ESL office.

    Tiffany Fijalkovic is the advisor for students who hold F-1 International Student Visas. Her office is in 207 Georgiadis Hall. Call her at 804-523-5029 or any questions related to the F-1 visa.