Certificates are available to meet the needs of students just starting their careers as well as for experienced technicians returning for additional training or education.



This career studies certificate is designed to train individuals for employment in express service light repair and maintenance positions at dealerships and independent repair shops. The curriculum covers both theory and shop training with an emphasis on service and minor repair. As a result of instruction, students will be able to describe the purpose and function of each vehicle system and identify the parts involved and how they work. Additionally, students will learn how to perform basic diagnosis with the end goal of determining if a system is working as designed or if further service is required.


This program is a two semester program with a focus on key automotive topics: welding, brake systems, automotive engines, and control systems. It is designed to prepare individuals for employment in the automotive services industry.

Students gain experience in the maintenance and repair of a wide verity of automobiles, as well as light to medium duty trucks. Students receive instruction in the basic skills and hands-on experience to apply to practical everyday shop situations.

Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Technology Career Studies Certificate (CSC)

Automotive TechnologyWith increasing sophistication of 21st century automotive technology, technicians must keep their diagnostic and repair skills in tune with the latest electronic and safety components, fuel efficient engines (hybrids), and power management systems. This advanced automotive technology program prepares the student for repairing and servicing alternative fueled vehicles.