Why ReynoldsLearn. Laugh. Lead.

Reynolds Community College offers what are known as stackable credentials which provide students the ability to obtain certifications they need to enter the workplace quickly and then continue their education if they so wish. A students ultimate goal may be a higher level of certification or a degree...it's up to the individual and their personal aspirations.

Take the classes you need when you have the time. Classes are available during the day, night, Saturday, and online.

Reynolds is about a third of the cost of most four-year colleges. Investing in yourself, with time or with money, is a worthwhile endeavor. Financial assistance and a convenient payment plan are available. View the most current tuition rates.

At Reynolds, you will not be just a number. We value what each individual can bring to the table and are committed to maintaining a positive learning environment that encourages civility and the free exchange of ideas and information. The average faculty to student ratio at Reynolds is 1:20.

For almost 50 years, Reynolds Community College has been educating and training the Greater Richmond region workforce. Since opening our doors in 1972, we've served over 346,000 students and each year, over 15,000 students get ahead by getting started at Reynolds.

Our program

Stacking Credentials in Early Childhood Development

College courses can be used for the 120-hour educational requirement for a Child Development AssociateTM credential from the Council for Professional Development.