Careers in IT

IT Jobs are in high demand and the demand is increasing rapidly. CNBC predicts a 19% increase in demand for Software Engineers and Information Security Analysts by 2024 and a 16% increase in Data Scientists by 2024.

US News and World Report : Three of the Top 7 Careers in High Demand according are in Information Technology: "Computer Systems Analysts", 'Web Developers", "Computer Application Software Engineers".

Glassdoor Highest Paying Jobs in Demand include: "Software Architect", "Software Development Manager", "IT Manager", "Data Scientist", "Computer Hardware Engineer", "Database Administrator", and "Software Engineer".

Forbes says that there is strong demand growth for IT Project Managers, Software Engineers, and Network and Security Engineer.

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Full-Stack Developer

Full-Stack Developers handle many of the functions involve in both front-end and back-end application development. The Reynolds Computer Programming career studies certificate prepares you for the common Full-Stack components including relational database modeling, C# programming, database programming, user interface design, web and application interfaces, security, systems analysis, and cloud development.

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