Student Spotlight

Adriane M

Adriane M.

Major: American Sign Language-English Interpretation AAS, American Sign Language/Deaf Studies program

Hometown: I grew up in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Now my home lies in the diversity of Richmond, Virginia.

Why did you choose Reynolds?

I chose Reynolds because I craved an education where my needs were prioritized. I took classes at a 4-year university where I sat in an auditorium amongst 100 other students and I was simply ingesting hours of PowerPoints with no real learning or one-on-one contact with my professor. Reynolds was my chance to take back my right to my education and to provide for myself all that I needed to succeed.

What are the most important lessons you've learned as a college student so far?

Accepting feedback and constructive criticism may not come easily to some individuals, and actually putting them in to practice, in order to grow, is a whole other animal. The biggest lesson that I have learned in my track has been to welcome all forms of feedback and to also seek it regularly. We cannot hope to grow or move forward unless we actively seek change, guidance, or correction. It takes bravery to seek growth and the discomfort of criticism, but it bears fruit time and time again.

What are you passionate about?

There are quite a few things that I am passionate about such as ramen, video games, and binge-watching anime until way past my bed time. But one thing that has remained consistent is that I am passionate about people. I am passionate about people who go beyond their boundaries and defy the norms that society has prescribed them. I am a huge fan of people who inspire others by rewriting what is uncomfortable or those who dissolve the security of boundaries.

What's been your highlight of the year?

The most exciting moments of my Reynolds career have been the opportunities to team-interpret during the 2019 College Graduation Ceremony at the VCU Siegel Center as well as the Induction Ceremony for our new college president, Dr. Paula P. Pando! I have never been so sweaty in my life.

Do you have any tips for incoming freshman students at Reynolds?

Do not stop. Take a break, yes…. but never stop. Working yourself down to the marrow will not make you stronger. Forcing yourself to work too hard will only wear you out. It is okay to remember that you are only human. Self-care is important. Your emotions, feelings, expression, and existence is valid. Remember that you are here for YOU, not for anyone else.

What are your future goals or next steps after Reynolds?

I intend to further my education and push for professional growth inside and outside of the interpreting field. I have never been great at planning an endgame for my future, all that I know is that I will not stop until I get there. I have a long road ahead of me and the good news is that I packed snacks.