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Reynolds Mentoring Programs


Reynolds is committed to the success of our students.  To support this commitment, the college is starting a new mentoring program called REAL Men:  Resilient, Educated, African-American Leaders.  Although any Reynolds student can apply to REAL Men, many of the topics and activities will be about the issues facing African-American men. 

REAL Men Mission

REAL Men promotes positive mentor-mentee relationships between African American men and community members so students achieve academic and personal excellence


  1. Provide students with information about valuable support services resources at Reynolds to help them succeed and graduate.
  2. Foster meaningful, supportive relationships between mentor and mentee.
  3. Build confidence and determination in self to successfully complete program.
  4. Support the understanding of personal strengths and how to use them in classes, careers and the community. 
  5. Cultivate strong relationships with men in business and academia. 
  6. Develop leadership and self-improvement skills with support from mentors. 

How does it work?

There are three parts to the process:

  • Application & matching
  • One-on-one meetings
  • Group meetings

Application and matching:  Students complete an application and an interview.   There are a limited number of spaces available and students who are accepted into the program but cannot join because of space limitations will be placed on a wait list.  Students will be matched with a staff or faculty member to form a mentor-mentee relationship.

One-on-one meetings
:  The mentor (staff or faculty member) and mentee (student) will meet at least twice a semester for 30 minutes.  They will also have several brief check-ins throughout the semester to ensure that mentees are reaching their full potential and succeeding academically. 

Group meetings
:  Students will also attend 5 workshops a semester on a range of topics such as leadership development, communication skills, conflict management, financial literacy, resume building, interview skills, and more.  Some workshops will have guest speakers to talk about their careers and give students advice about succeeding in college and in the professional world of work.  Some workshops will have “open” topics – students will have forums to voice their opinions and concerns about events of the day. 

What is a mentoring relationship?

Some students have never been involved in a mentoring relationship.  Don’t worry!  There will be separate training sessions for mentors and mentees to understand the dynamics of a mentoring relationship.  This will occur prior to the start of the semester.   There will also be a kick-off event so all mentors and mentees can get to know one another. 

Mentors and mentees talk about a variety of topics of their choosing.  Some mentees want encouragement throughout the semester, others want reminders about due dates for papers and tests, some want to talk about the world of work after graduation, and some want to talk about the challenges they face as first-generation college students. 

You’ll also get to know the other mentees in the program and form friendships.  Being a part of REAL Men can lead to other opportunities such as getting involved with Student Senate, Student Ambassadors, and other clubs and organizations. 


If you’re ready to apply, fill out this form.  Before doing so think about these two questions, which are on the interest form:  What do you want to gain or learn from being a member of REAL Men?  Why will REAL Men be a better organization with you in it?    

Questions?  Contact