Reynolds is committed to the success of our students. To support this commitment, the college is starting a new mentoring program called REAL Men: Resilient, Educated, African-American Leaders. Although any Reynolds student can apply to REAL Men, many of the topics and activities will be about the issues facing African-American men.

REAL Men Mission

REAL Men promotes positive mentor-mentee relationships between African American men and community members so students achieve academic and personal excellence


  1. Provide students with information about valuable support services resources at Reynolds to help them succeed and graduate.
  2. Foster meaningful, supportive relationships between mentor and mentee.
  3. Build confidence and determination in self to successfully complete program.
  4. Support the understanding of personal strengths and how to use them in classes, careers and the community.
  5. Cultivate strong relationships with men in business and academia.
  6. Develop leadership and self-improvement skills with support from mentors.


Apply today to participate as a student participant or as a faculty/staff mentor.


REAL Men application form


REAL Men mentor application form


Please e-mail or call 804-523-5005 with any questions.