EFFECTIVE DATE: 08/23/1994
REVISED DATE: 12/18/18
  1. Purpose:

    To explain and clarify the circumstances under which the college will grant tuition refunds.

  2. Definitions:

    Census period: the timeframe marking the first fifteen percent (15%) of a session/term or course. The census period covers the college's schedule adjust (add/drop) period through the last day to drop with a refund. Immediate family member: a mother, father, legal guardian, brother, sister, spouse, or children.

  3. Policy:

    1. Students are eligible for a refund of tuition and fees for those credit hours dropped during the college's published census period for the term or courses in which the student has registered. After the published census period, students may request a withdrawal, and should consult Reynolds Policy No. 1-10, Student Initiated Withdrawal from a Course(s).
    2. In the event that a student's active military-duty status requires a sudden withdrawal or prolonged absence, that student may be eligible for a refund of tuition and fees if requested. The student should consult with the veteran's specialist for guidance on the impact of a tuition refund on his/her benefits, and with faculty regarding his/her ability to complete the course. Documentation of the student's call to duty must be provided.
    3. Students funded from the Department of Defense (DoD) Tuition Assistance (TA) Program, will fall under the guidelines of the DoD Voluntary Education Partnership Memorandum of Agreement signed by the college. Any TA funds which are unearned by the student is to be returned to the government in accordance with the guidelines in Appendix A.
    4. Refunds shall be issued in the manner in which the payment of tuition and fees were transacted. Students should make sure that their address within the Student Information System (SIS) is accurate and reflects where they would like their refund to be mailed. Addresses should be updated in SIS or by utilizing JSRCC Form No. 11-0007, Student Request to Update Information.
    5. In accordance with Reynolds Policy No. 1-3, Student Attendance, a student whose enrollment is dropped as a result of non-attendance, shall be refunded the tuition and fees for the courses(s) in which he/she has been administratively dropped.
    6. Refund requests for dual enrollment students shall be initiated by the coordinator of dual enrollment in accordance with all provisions and procedures outlined in this policy.
  4. Procedures:

    1. Students may drop their courses online through the last day to add/drop a course for the semester. JSRCC Form No. 11-0002, Add/Drop, may be processed by returning the form to Advising Services for processing based on the date of submission.
    2. Upon receipt of JSRCC Form No. 11-0002, Add/Drop, the Office of Admissions and Records will process a student's drop based on the date of the request. Students at a distance may fax a signed request to Advising Services at 804-523-6405, or email a signed request to enroll@reynolds.edu.
    3. Upon processing of the drop(s) in the Student Information System, Financial Operations will process a refund based on the course(s) dropped in a student's record.
  5. Other Information:

    Appendix A - Tuition Assistance (TA) Refund Policy

    Reynolds Policy No. 1-3, Student Attendance

    Reynolds Policy No. 1-10, Student Initiated Withdrawal from a Course(s)

    JSRCC Form No. 11-0002, Add/Drop