EFFECTIVE DATE: 04/15/1996
REVISED DATE: 10/22/2020
  1. Purpose:

    To define an incomplete or "I" grade and establish the circumstances under which it can be awarded.

  2. Definitions:

    Satisfactory completion: a grade of "D" or better unless otherwise defined by program or school.

    Semester: a fall, spring, or summer term.

  3. Policy:

    The college recognizes that in certain circumstances, students are unable to complete course requirements within the established timeframe for a course. Examples of these circumstances include medical leave, job reassignment, or other verifiable incidents. As such, the college offers an incomplete "I" grade option to extend the course for students in order to satisfy course requirements.

    1. To be eligible for an "I" grade, a student must satisfactorily complete more than 60% of the course and attendance requirements and with appropriate documentation, request that the faculty member consider his/her request for the incomplete grade (extension).
    2. The instructor has the discretion to award or deny an "I" grade request based on the circumstances and the documentation submitted.
    3. As the incomplete "I" grade extends enrollment in the course, requirements for satisfactory completion shall be established through student/faculty consultation. The requirements for satisfactory completion must be documented in writing and submitted to the school dean. The Dean's office will forward to the Registrar's Office for processing. If the instructor is unavailable during the subsequent semester, the school dean or designee shall be responsible for the fulfillment of the grade evaluation.
    4. Courses for which an "I" grade has been awarded must be completed no later than two weeks before the end of the subsequent semester or another grade (A, B, C, D, F, P, R, S, U, or W) must be awarded by the instructor based upon course work that has been completed. A "W" grade (see Reynolds Policy No. 1-10), Student Initiated Withdrawal from a Course(s), or an extension of the "I" grade should be awarded only under documented mitigating circumstances.
    5. The due date for "I" grade changes shall be one week before the last day of instruction of the subsequent semester. In accordance with Code of Virginia, Section 23.1-207, and VCCS Policy No., exceptions to this timeline may apply for students whose active military duty during a time of national emergency has required their sudden withdrawal or prolonged absence from their enrollment. All "I" grades that have not been changed to another grade by the end of instruction date of the subsequent semester shall be changed to a grade of "F."
  4. Procedures:

    1. The faculty member must confirm that the student has satisfied the criteria to request an "I" grade. This discussion should include the faculty member informing the student that the "I" grade will be requested. The faculty member should immediately email their dean with the information about the incomplete for their approval. The school dean's response (approval or denial) will be emailed to the faculty member.
    2. If approved, the grade of "I" will be entered into the Student Information System by the Office of the Registrar, an email confirmation will be sent to the student, and a 'To Do' list for the student will be created. The student's 'To Do' list is found on the Student Information System in the Student Center. The 'To Do' list will communicate the exact requirements and college due date for satisfactory course completion.
    3. If the request is denied, an email notification is sent to the student from the Office of the Registrar. Additionally, the faculty member will award the grade earned by the student.
    4. School deans will receive an "I" grade roster each semester immediately after the last day to withdraw from class. This roster is to be used to remind those faculty who assigned "I" grades the previous semester that those grades will be changed to "F" on the last day of instruction of the current semester.
    5. A JSRCC Form No. 11-0019, Grade Change form, for each student who received an "I" the previous semester must be submitted by the faculty member to Office of the Registrar at least one week before the last day of instruction for the semester in which the grade change is due.
    6. JSRCC Form No. 11-0015, Late Request for Withdrawal from Class(es) form, must be used to award "W" grades for documented mitigating circumstances beyond the withdrawal period.
    7. Faculty members must use the JSRCC Form No. 11-0019, Grade Change form, to extend the incomplete grade. Documentation of the mitigating circumstances must be attached. The signature of the vice president of academic affairs or designee is required.

    Exceptions to policy due to COVID-19:

    1. With college changes due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the VCCS has amended policy to temporarily adjust the grading basis and incomplete grading deadlines for classes taken in Spring 2020 only.
    2. Students who received an "I" grade during the Spring 2020 semester, will have the option of being awarded the Spring 2020 "default grades" (P+, P-, W) in addition to the standard grading options (A, B, C, D).
    3. The deadline date for submission of Spring 2020 grade changes to the Office of the Registrar will be December 1, 2020. This is the established date for summer "I" grade change forms to be received.
    4. Students who wish to appeal the grade received due to the "I" grade extension must appeal by May 1, 2021.
    5. After June 1, 2021, the COVID grading basis of (P+, P-) will be removed from the standard grading basis. There will be no way to award P+/P- grades beyond this date. All grade changes/appeals must be completed by June 1, 2021.
    6. Students wishing to obtain a "W" grade instead of any of the letter grades noted above, must also adhere to the deadline of May 1, 2021.
  5. Other Information:

    JSRCC Form No. 11-0015, Late Request for Withdrawal from Class(es)

    JSRCC Form No. 11-0019, Grade Change