EFFECTIVE DATE: 02/01/1993
REVISED DATE: 03/28/2022
  1. Purpose:

    To describe college policy related to college-sponsored, off-campus co-curricular, instructional and non-instructional activities, and student transportation.

  2. Definitions:

    Co-curricular activity: an off-campus activity sponsored by a faculty or staff member or academic department that is tied directly to course and/or program objectives. Co-curricular activities are not necessarily designed by a faculty member for a course that he/she is directly teaching, but they are activities that provide benefit to students within a particular program or programs.

    Instructional-related activity: an off-campus activity sponsored by a faculty member or academic department that is tied directly to course and/or program objectives, and which is typically required as part of class coursework.

    Non-instructional-related activity: a college-sponsored, off-campus activity that is not tied directly to course and/or program objectives, but are activities that provide opportunities for student growth and connection and are usually sponsored by the Office of Student Life.

  3. Policy:

    College-sponsored, off-campus activities, including co-curricular, instructional, and non-instructional activities are encouraged and should be used to provide more enriching experiences to students. All activities must be pre-approved according to the procedures below.

    Instructional-related activities must be included in course syllabi and should include dates, times, and destination of the activities. All instructional-related activities must be approved by the supervising dean. Instructional-related activities that are not listed in the course syllabus shall be deemed optional as opposed to required activities. Students shall not be held responsible or penalized academically for not participating in optional instructional-related activities. However, alternate options should be provided to students in order to allow them an equal opportunity to receive credit for any assignment.

    Students shall sign JSRCC Form No. 75-0004, Assumption of the Risk, form that shall release J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College (Reynolds) and the sponsoring faculty/staff and office/department of all liability if the student is injured due to his/her involvement in the college-sponsored activity. Assumption of the Risk forms should be provided to, and completed by, students for any activity that presents some danger or health hazard to a student. This includes travel in vehicles, activities that utilize dangerous tools, etc.

    College/Commonwealth of Virginia vehicles used to transport students must be driven by college employees. The college assumes no responsibility for students transporting individuals in non-college/Commonwealth of Virginia vehicles. To ensure an equitable learning environment, all efforts should be made by the college to ensure students can participate even if they do not have their own means of reliable transportation.

  4. Procedures:

    Procedures for Participation in College-Sponsored Off-Campus Activities, 1-29

  5. Other Information:

    JSRCC Form No. 75-0004, Assumption of the Risk