REVISED DATE: 06/21/2021
  1. Purpose:

    To comply with Virginia Community College System (VCCS) policy and all applicable provisions regarding military-related students found under Code of Virginia, Title 23.1, §§ 23.1-601, 23.1-904, and 23.1-207.

    The procedures for implementation of this policy are provided below.

  2. Procedure and/or Process Definitions:

    Military-related students: Students who are active duty military, spouses of active duty military, children of active duty military, veterans, reservists, or members of the Virginia National Guard, who have been officially determined as eligible to receive veterans education benefits through enrollment at the college, or who have provided documentation of such status to the college.

    Reinstatement: The re-admittance and re-enrollment of a student whose service in the uniformed services caused their sudden withdrawal or prolonged absence from enrollment at a Virginia institution of higher education.

    Veteran: An individual who has served at least one (1) day of service in the active military, naval, or air service, and who was discharged or released therefrom under conditions other than dishonorable.

  3. Procedures:

    Any eligible student seeking benefit from this policy will consult with the staff in Veteran Services, who will advise the student on the proper procedures to access such benefits. Students who are at a distance may contact Veteran Services at (804) 523-5656 or by email at

  4. Other Information: