Reynolds forms are available in Portable Document Format (.PDF) online. Forms can be completed online by following the directions below:

  • If the forms opens in Internet Explorer you are able to electronically sign in this browser.


  • Download the form.
  • Fill out form in Adobe Reader.
  • Sign digitally if necessary.
  • Save PDF and email.

Acceptable Electronic Signatures (Instructions) 

Student Services Forms List
Form # Form Title and Purpose
11-0000 Admission Application for Curricular and Non-Curricular
To apply for admission to the college. This form must be completed by all first-time & returning students.
11-0002 Add / Drop / Withdraw from Classes
To add or drop classes for a specific semester at one of the on-campus Access Centers.
11-0006 Visiting Student Approval
For students who have already been admitted to another college and who wish to take classes at Reynolds for one semester and plan to return to their home institution. This form will serve to waive certain placement tests and prerequisites as well as to ensure that a JSRCC transcript is sent to their home college.
11-0007 Student Request to Update Information
To change the listing of your name, home address or telephone number in the college's database.
11-0010 Re-Classification of Student's Domicile Status
To request a change of residence classification to qualify for in-state tuition rates.
11-0011 Repeat Course Request
To request permission to enroll in a course after two previous failures/withdrawals.
11-0013 Petition for Academic Renewal
To request a one-time adjustment to your cumulative GPA.
11-0015 Late Request for Withdrawal from Classes
11-0017 External Study Agreement
To request taking courses at another Institution.
11-0021 Senior Citizens Tuition Assistance
For students over the age of 60 (and meeting other criteria) who wish to request free tuition or audit of Reynolds courses.
Academic Reinstatement Appeal
To appeal for reinstatement from academic suspension or dismissal.
11-0024 Residency for Dual and Concurrent Enrollment Application
To apply for in-state or out-of- state contract tuition rates.
11-0025 Dual Enrollment Course Request
Request for Dual Enrollment classes.
11-0026 Concurrent Enrollment
High School student request for college classes.
11-0030 Home Schooled Student Enrollment
Home schooled student request for college classes.
11-0034 Late Add Request
11-0035 College Transcript Evaluation Appeal
11-0036 Request for an Evaluation of a VCCS Transcript
11-0038 Credit Advising Hold
20-0006 Scholarship Application (To apply for a Reynolds scholarship)
30-0001 Financial Aid - Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal
To appeal for a change in your "Unsatisfactory Academic Progress" status and request reinstatement of financial aid eligibility.
47-0005 Interlibrary Loan Request
To request the checkout of books from other libraries in the Greater Richmond Region (requires valid Reynolds library card).
DPT10-012 Employment Application - Commonwealth of Virginia
To apply for employment at Reynolds or any other Commonwealth of Virginia Agency.
70-0045 Right of Appeal Application (Online form)
To appeal a parking citation, submit either a completed form to the Department of Police & Security Services, or complete the above online form.
70-0047 Customer Shortage Appeal Form
75-0019 Freedom of Speech Report Form