Recycling Information

In your office or work area, you will notice there are two trash containers. One of these containers is designated for recyclables.

Deposit recyclables identified into the recyclable container.

When the recyclable container gets full, dump it in the centrally located "recycling centers." These "centers" are on each floor.

Commingled recyclables, consisting of recyclable glass, aluminum, cans, plastics and papers, are generally collected for recycling.

Learn more about what you can and can't recycle.

Thank you for your extra effort to contribute to a greener campus and a more sustainable environment for our planet.

Help us help the environment!

Reduce your use of these materials:

  • Disposable plastic bags
  • Single-use plastic
  • Polystyrene food service containers
  • Plastic straws & cutlery
  • Single-use water bottles

Thank you for doing your part to REDUCE, RESUE, and Recycle!