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About Reynolds

The Reynolds Learning Environment

Reynolds Community College is committed to providing a positive learning environment in which all faculty, staff, and students can learn together in a setting that encourages civility and the free exchange of ideas and information. To accomplish this goal, the members of the college have established the following principles for learning.

Faculty, staff and students are eligible to win LEAP Awards (Learning Environment Awards Program) by going above and beyond their normal duties and demonstrating one or more of the Reynolds Learning Environment Principles. LEAP Awards can be redeemed for Wawa gift cards worth $5. The Learning Environment Award Program will conclude when the last gift card is awarded. As of September 16, 2021 there are 104 gift cards remaining in the Business Office.


Punctuality – Honor schedules, arrive/depart on time, notify others when changes are necessary, and meet deadlines. 

Courtesy - Assist others, acknowledge the presence of others, and be considerate of others while they work, study or speak.

Focus – Silence cell phones and other electronic devices in class, labs, libraries, and meetings. Focus on the business at hand.

Consideration – Keep Reynolds clean, orderly, and ready for use by others. Demonstrate attention, and compassionate regard of your impact for others and your surroundings.

Accountability – Take credit only for work that is yours. Take responsibility for your actions. Abide by the Reynolds Code of Ethics.

Participation – Help everyone feel welcome to participate and collaborate without interruptions. Contribute to the success of the team.

Preparation – Come prepared and be ready to contribute new ideas.

Professionalism – Model and develop behavior that will foster success in the workplace.

Privacy - Keep confidential discussions and documents out of public spaces.

Respect – Embrace diversity and be inclusive of all backgrounds, cultures, and contributions.