Reynolds four strategic priorities (Invest, Simplify, Support, Connect) provide focus for a tactical action plan to serve as a bridge between the college's current strategic plan launched in 2015, and the development of the college's next strategic plan for 2021 and beyond.

This new strategic planning process will be designed as an inclusive, transparent, collaborative one that:

  1. Creates a vision for Reynolds' future, grounded in a mission that reflects our purpose to serve our diverse student population and the needs of the Richmond region.
  2. Uses data to inform our goals and actions.
  3. Garners input from internal and external stakeholders.

Reynolds will begin the planning process in the summer of 2020, and will launch the new strategic plan at the college's convocation in September 2021 to align with the 50th anniversary of Reynolds Community College.


Invest in the knowledge and skills our faculty and staff need to help ALL students persist and complete

  1. Cultivate cultural competency among faculty and staff
  2. Professionally develop faculty and staff tied to institutional priorities
  3. Develop learning spaces that encourage interactive/ collaborative experiences

Simplify the enrollment process

  1. Simplify / streamline the student enrollment process

Support through excellent support services that meet the needs of our diverse student population

  1. Advise for completion
  2. Revise curriculum to better encourage completion
  3. Schedule for completion
  4. Intentionally develop wrap-around services for students
  5. Plan co-curricular programs that invite, include and engage all students
  6. Increase collaboration between DTC and The Kitchens
  7. Develop a comprehensive Strategic Enrollment Management Plan (SEMP)

Connect our curriculum to labor market and our students to jobs that pay a living wage

  1. Increase the number of reverse transfer degrees awarded
  2. Partner with business to help students get a job
  3. Develop sector strategies that provide industry with a workforce pipeline
  4. Increase the number of degrees, certifications, and credentials
  5. Successfully open the Kitchens