The Faculty Symposium, sponsored by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, provides a forum where Reynolds faculty share their original research and innovations in pedagogy with colleagues.

Since its inception, faculty from across the disciplines have embraced the chance to speak about the projects they have designed and the research they have carried out.

Proof of Innocence: Reproducing the Event
John Ochab | Physics

Disruptive Innovation and Public Policy Reforms in Health Care: The Cases of Laparoscopic Appendectomy and Cholecystectomy
D. Pulane Lucas | Business and Public Health

Researched Overview: Developmental English & College Composition -Nationwide
Bev Aronowitz | English

The DaVinci Code: How to Create an Innovative Mind
Monica Lynn James | Fine Arts

Germany: A Land Enraptured, Transformed, and Devastated by Science
Brian A. Dunn | Biology

Women Photographers in the Vietnam War
Renee Garris | Humanities

Assessing Habits of Mind from Eighth to Twelfth Grade
Miles McCrimmon | Advance College Academy
Rob Meister | English

Le Jardin Féerique: Reynolds Enchanted Garden (multimedia nature presentation)
William Ziegler | English

The Reality of Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Training
Kristopher Rhodes | Administration of Justice

OER (Online Educational Resources) Challenges and Observations
Chris Osuanah | Business & Economics

The 1864 Overland Campaign in Central Virginia, as addressed by a Union Cavalry Officer
Isaac White | Biology & History

Sand in the Oyster: Academic Freedom and the Scientific Method
Bryan K. Rhodes | Biology

Monumental Images: Living and Dying in Poe's Richmond
Stephen P. Brandon | English

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