Lost or Stolen Smartphone

Don't Panic - But Do Act

Cell phones are easy to misplace. What can you do if you lose yours?

New technologies such as the ability to lock, erase, and track missing cell phones have made theft a far less profitable crime - so it occurs less often.

THE GOOD NEWS | More cell phones are lost than stolen.

THE BAD NEWS | Most smartphones contain personal information, passwords, and sometimes credit card numbers.

If an individual you don't know finds your phone and is kind enough to return it, be sure to meet them in a safe place, like a crowded shopping area.


Smart phones may contain personal information that will allow a person to steal your identity. Don't panic.

There are things that you can do. While every situation is unique and good judgment must be exercised, the following list of potential actions may assist you.

CALL YOUR PHONE | If someone found it or if they hear it ringing and find it, they can help you get it back. You can also call your phone while retracing your steps to see if you hear it ringing.


TEXT YOUR PHONE | If your phone displays texts when it is locked you can provide instructions to employees in lost and found, or others who may have found your phone on how to reach you to return your phone.


CHECK LOST & FOUND | Most businesses have lost and found procedures. Also check with the local law enforcement agency. Someone may have turned it into them. Keep checking with both locations for a couple of days. It might also be beneficial to check with the maintenance and cleaning staff in any business where you could have lost it.


CALL YOUR EMERGENCY MEDICAL CONTACTS | Some phones allow people who find a person unable to communicate to use their phone to call emergency medical contacts without knowing the unlock code. Call your emergency contacts and ask if anyone has reported finding your phone.


APPLE PAY | Remove your credit card information from Apple Pay.


USE THE FIND MY PHONE FEATURE | Apple and Android phones have this feature via apps.

Apple iPhones sign into iCloud at www.icloud.com/#find

Android phones go to support.google.com

Windows phones (8.1 and later), tablets, and laptops go to support.microsoft.com/en-us/ help/11579/microsoft-account-find-and-locklost-windows-device


LOCK YOUR PHONE | Most smartphones have the ability to be locked remotely.

Apple iPhones have a remote lock that can be activated in the event the phone is lost. This mode can also suspend the ability to make payments via Apple Pay. support.apple.com

Android phones can be remotely locked by following the procedure found here: support.google.com

Windows phones can be remotely locked by following the procedure found here: support.microsoft.com


BACK-UP & ERASE | Back-up your device and then erase the contents remotely.

Apple iPhones support.apple.com/kb/PH2701?locale=en_US

Android phones support.google.com/accounts/answer/6160491

Windows phones go to account.microsoft.com/devices

NOTIFY | Notify any business that may be adversely effected, such as your employer. Especially if you have confidential business data on your device.


CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD | Change the unlock password then any account passwords on the phone.

Apple ID password change Instructions support.apple.com/en-us/HT201355

Android www.google.com/android/devicemanager

Windows account.live.com/password/reset


LOCATE SERIAL NUMBER | Locate your model and device serial numbers. This information should be in the paperwork that came with your phone or your carrier may be able to provide it.


CONTACT YOUR CARRIER | Your carrier may be able to locate the phone, provide specific instructions on disabling your phone, and/or provide you the serial number for a police report.

AT&T 1-800-331-0500

Sprint 1-888-211-4727

T-Mobile 1-800-937-8997

US Cellular 1-888-944-9400

Verizon 1-888-483-7200


REPORT TO LAW ENFORCEMENT | This can be important in helping to prevent liability for fraudulent charges. Be sure to write down the report number.


Local Law Enforcement

Reynolds Police (804) 523-5219

Henrico County Police (804) 501-5000

Richmond Police (804) 646-5100

Goochland Sheriff's Office (804) 556-5349

GRTC Lost & Found (804) 358-3871

Non Emergencies: (804) 523-5219


Dial 5911 from any campus phone or (804) 523-5911 from any non-campus phone.

If you're off-campus or when Reynolds is closed, call 911




Last Revised: 05/28.2019