J. Sargeant Reynolds Police Department maintains a crime log in accordance with the Jeanne Clery Act. This log denotes criminal incidents that have occurred within the past 90 days on any J. Sargeant Reynolds property. This log does not include incidents that may have occurred on public property located in the Counties of Goochland, Henrico, or the City of Richmond. Time of the incident is in military time.

Dispositions : Pending - incident is under investigation, NFA - incident was closed with no further activity reported, Arrest - incident is closed with arrest or summons, Referral - incident was referred to Student Affairs for disciplinary action, Unfounded - incident was unfounded

Date Incident Time Location Disposition
11/16/2023 Simple Assault 14:59 Parham Road Arrest?Referral
11/27/2023 Hit and Run 17:25 Parham Road Pending
Oct-Nov 2023 No Reports DTC and Goochland Campus N/A