Following is a list of approved Written Communication electives. Written Communication is the ability to develop, convey, and exchange ideas in writing, as appropriate to a given context and audience. Degree graduates will express themselves effectively in a variety of written forms.

Prior to enrolling in the courses on this list, students should check the course descriptions to ensure that they meet any pre-or co-requisites.

To avoid transfer problems, students should carefully select courses to fulfill elective requirements with the assistance of their advisors and upon an investigation of the transfer requirements of the institution to which transfer is contemplated.

Purpose and Focus: clearly identifies the purpose of the message and focuses the delivery to the audience.

Content: Uses appropriate and relevant content to illustrate main ideas.

Organization: Organizes and presents a main idea clearly and concisely with a basic structure.

Language and Style: Uses standard American English, and accepted, conventional grammar and mechanics.

Written Communication

ART 101

ART 102

CST 110

CST 229

ENG 111

ENG 112

ENG 241

ENG 242

ENG 251

HIS 111

PHI 111

PHI 220

PSY 200

PSY 230

SOC 200