At all Reynolds Advance College Academy (ACA) locations, we design our pedagogy, curriculum, and career coaching interventions to instill the following habits of mind:

  • Curiosity - the desire to know more about the world.
  • Openness - the willingness to consider new ways of being and thinking in the world.
  • Engagement - a sense of investment and involvement in learning.
  • Creativity - the ability to use novel approaches for generating, investigating, and representing ideas.
  • Persistence - the ability to sustain interest in and attention to short- and long-term projects.
  • Responsibility - the ability to take ownership of one's actions and understand the consequences of those actions for oneself and others.
  • Flexibility - the ability to adapt to situations, expectations, or demands.
  • Metacognition - the ability to reflect on one's own thinking as well as on the individual and cultural processes used to structure knowledge.

The Council of Writing Program Administrators calls these habits "ways of approaching learning that are both intellectual and practical and that will support students' success in a variety of fields and disciplines."

We also ask the following questions of the texts we encounter, regardless of discipline:

  • How do we know what we know? (Evidence)
  • What causes what? (Connection)
  • Who's speaking? (Point of View)
  • How might things have been different? (Conjecture)
  • So what? Who cares? Why does this matter? (Relevance)

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