Reynolds is committed to the success of students participating in the Advance College Academy. The ACA Career Coaches are a significant investment on the part of the college to demonstrate this commitment. These professionals are Reynolds employees assigned to work in ACA high schools. There are four signature characteristics of every ACA Career Coach.

  1. The ACA Career Coach is Available.
    The ACA career coach has office hours each week at each ACA designated high school. Students in the program will know where and when they can find their career coach
  2. The ACA Career Coach builds relationships with the ACA students. ACA career coaches are relationship builders. Each career coach gets to know the students and is better able to match opportunities and interventions to particular students. The relationship between the career coach and the ACA student begins in the 9th grade year and continues until the student graduates from the program
  3. The ACA Career Coach is the link to the college for ACA students, parents, and local school district personnel. In most instances, the ACA career coach will be the Reynolds employee most familiar to the ACA student. Thus, the career coach can help students identify appropriate college resources, (such as the testing center or the academic support center) act as an intermediary between the student and other departments of the college, (such as the Office of Dual Enrollment or Office of the Registrar ) as well as act as a fountain of knowledge about Reynolds.
  4. The ACA Career Coach is Knowledgeable. The Office of Outreach and Recruitment supports the efforts of the ACA career coaches through specialized training and resources. Though each ACA student only has one career coach, students benefit from the collective body of knowledge and experiences of all the ACA career coaches.
  1. Entry
    The ACA Career Coach plans activities designed to help the students make the transition from middle school to high school. Students in the program must identify themselves as members of the ACA community and find commonalities with their cohort members.
  2. Retention
    The ACA curriculum is rigorous. The ACA Career Coach designs interventions aimed at helping ACA students successfully meet the curriculum demands and continue in the program through completion.
  3. Exit
    ACA students are completing degree programs designed to lead to further study at baccalaureate institutions. The ACA Career Coach provides students with opportunities to explore careers and programs of study so the ACA student is prepared to make informed decisions about the college or university the student will attend as well as the appropriate major the student should select to lead to the student's desired career.

Meet the Coaches

Upon entry into an ACA, students are assigned a dedicated, on-site Reynolds career coach, who works in conjunction with the high school counseling staff to provide four years of career and college guidance.

Meet the coaches

ACA Career Coach Interventions

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