Logging in to a Classroom or Library Computer

The Department of Technology (DOT) wants to make you aware of a change to our general use machines in the classrooms and libraries. This summer, we will be reimaging our computers in the classrooms and libraries that are used by our instructors, students and library patrons. After the reimage, there will be a change in how users access the computers. ALL users will be required to login to the computers to use them. Faculty will have to login to the instructor computers, and students and patrons will have to login to the classroom or library computers as well.

The student login will be the word DIRECTORY, a backslash (\), and the first part of your VCCS email address. For example, if you have a VCCS email address of jdoe234@email.vccs.edu, then your login would be directory\jdoe234 and your password would be the password you use for your VCCS email. DOT will be providing the libraries with logins that patrons can use for library computers. This change is being made to put us in compliance with security measures required by the VCCS.

Login Screen - Reynolds Classroom Computer

Feel free to contact the Help Desk should you have any questions.

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