Returning students need to meet with an academic advisor based on academic standing. An academic advisor is a critical resource that will support your academic success at Reynolds. Academic standing can be found in your Student Information System (SIS) account. You need to first review your academic standing before registering for classes as your academic standing can significantly impact your ability to register.

Academically Dismissed
Students who are academically dismissed from Reynolds must appeal the dismissal. Complete the Appeal for Academic Reinstatement form and submit by the appropriate deadline:
July 1 - Fall
November 1 - Spring
April 1 - Summer

Academic Suspension
Students who are academically suspended must see the Counselor for Retention Services. Appointments are required. Contact Marlon Johnson at

Academic Warning
Students who are on academic warning must see one of the following advisors based on their status as a curricular (meaning a student in an academic program like Business Administration) or non-curricular (meaning a student who has chosen not to select an academic program).
Students who are degree/certificate seeking (meaning curricular students) see the faculty advisor assigned to them. This advisor is assigned based on the program that they are pursuing. Your specific academic advisor is listed in your SIS account. Students who are non-degree seeking (non-curricular) must see an advisor in Advising Services.

Good Academic Standing
Students in good standing with Reynolds can self-register. Reynolds highly recommends that students meet with their academic advisors to make sure they are following the proper course sequence, selecting the right classes, and are progressing towards their goals. Students meet with an advisor based on the number of credit hours completed.

Students with 30 credits and under in AAS, AA or AS programs should seek advising from Advising Services, except those in Fire Science, Engineering, Emergency Medical Services, Opticianry, Dental Assisting, Dental Laboratory, and Culinary Arts, & Retail Management. Students in one of those specific eight programs should meet with the advisor assigned to them in SIS.

Students who have more than 30 credits, in Career Studies Certificate programs and in the specified advising programs (Fire Science, Engineering, Emergency Medical Services, Opticianry, Dental Assisting, Dental Laboratory, Culinary Arts, & Retail Management) should seek advising from their faculty advisor assigned to them in SIS.