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Transfer Services

Transfer Colleges & Planning

Deciding on your next steps can be confusing. To help you choose the best options, information about Virginia four-year colleges and universities can be found here. This information provides guidance on the transfer process for each institution. Simply use the drop-down lists below to select the college or university you are interested in attending. 

For more information contact a career and transfer advisor.


Getting Ready to Transfer?

*Make sure you know the application deadline.  Go to the transfer admissions site of your intended institution to find out.

*Some institutions want students to complete a letter of interest or letter of intent.  This is the student's responsibility.  Check the transfer institution's website for due dates for these forms.  Some institutions with a letter of intent are:

*Some institutions will require students to send in the "College Report" form from the Common Application .  For institutions that do not use the Common Application,  they may have a form that students need to complete by a Reynolds official.  These forms can be completed by following this process: 

  • Student must submit a request to from their Reynolds/VCCS email account.  If they send the request from any other account, they will be required to complete a Release of Information form and attach to the email from their non-Reynolds email account. 
  • In the email, they should include:
    • The form that needs to be completed with their portion filled out (attached to email);
    • Their student ID number; and
    • The schools and email addresses where they want the completed form to be sent.
  • The Registrar’s office will complete the form in its entirety; if information is needed from other college officers, such as the Dean of Students, that will be completed by the Registrar.   The Registrar’s Office will send to intended 4 year school recipient(s) identified by the student.
  • Students are responsible for sending transcripts, which can be ordered in their MyReynolds account.   Most institutions want a current transcript and a final transcript.  
  • If required by the 4-year institution, students are responsible for sending mid-term grade reports. 

Advisor Contacts


Kristine Dahm

Transfer Counselor

100 Georgiadis Hall

Please email for an appointment.  Current students can make appointments in Navigate.