1. Are appointments required?

    Appointments are necessary. Staff members may need to research extensively, in advance, to determine the appropriate transfer course selections and admissions' requirements. A college application has to be on file with the intention of enrolling to obtain services. Students can go into their MyReynolds account, into Navigate and choose "Transfer" in the appointments section.

    Students should take advantage of Transfer Information sessions. Many four-year colleges have sessions for students that address topics such as the admissions process, financial aid, campus life, and housing. Check the Events Calendar regularly for dates, times, and registration information.

  2. I want to be guaranteed admission to a 4 year college. Where can I learn about VCCS Guaranteed Admissions Agreements?

    If you want to be guaranteed admissions into a specific four-year college, you need to carefully read the admissions agreements. The Virginia Community College System (VCCS) has agreements with almost all of the Virginia public colleges and universities. There are also some private colleges that guarantee admissions as well. Read more about the VCCS agreements. These agreements contain important information such as a required grade point average.

    Some four year majors are not covered by guaranteed agreements. These include most nursing BSN programs, Dental Hygiene and some fine arts programs.

  3. Where do I find transfer guides?

    Not all colleges have transfer guides. If the college or university has a transfer guide, it is usually posted on their website under transfer admissions.

    Many institutions have Transfer Information Sessions. Be sure to check their websites and the Reynolds Events Calendar page. Students should attend transfer sessions to learn valuable information about the transfer process for specific institutions.

  4. Where can I find course equivalencies for four year colleges and universities?

    If you want to find out if a specific course will transfer, you can check on the SCHEV website. You can also go to the transfer admissions site of your desired 4-year institution and look for a course equivalency table.

  5. When should I see a transfer advisor?

    Ideally sometime during the first semester. It is very important that you choose the correct general education courses that are required by the 4 year college or university. Even if you graduate with a transferable degree at Reynolds, it may take you longer than 4 years to earn a bachelor's degree, unless you carefully plan your course selections.

    Some unique programs at the 4 year colleges and universities prefer that you transfer earlier, without an associate degree from Reynolds. For example, students interested in a major in the School of Fine Arts at VCU should not complete a degree because they will not accept all of your credits.

  6. I am undecided about a career or curriculum choice. Where do I go?

    You can make an appointment with a career advisor.