Meet RG. He saved more than $20,000.

Students like Reynolds Grad "RG," who earn a 2-year transfer associate degree at Reynolds, can save more than $20K when transferring to a public 4-year college in VA. More than 900 Reynolds students transfer to a 4-year college each year.

If you plan on graduating college with a bachelor's degree, complete your associate degree at Reynolds, first, under a Guaranteed Transfer Agreement. Associate degrees are about two years of full time study, then the credits you earn are guaranteed to transfer to most four-year Virginia colleges and universities. It's a deal you can't beat.

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What kinds of transfer agreements are available to me?

There are two kinds of Guaranteed Transfer Agreements that exist between Reynolds and most Virginia colleges:

1. Virginia Community College System (VCCS) Agreements apply to all 23 community colleges in Virginia.

2. Reynolds agreements are specific agreements between Reynolds Community College and a Virginia college or university.

Both generally work the same way. You complete an associate degree at Reynolds for 1/3 of the cost, and transfer to a four-year school to complete your bachelor's degree. Read the terms of the agreement and speak with one of our Transfer Center counselors for details.