Your support:

  • Provides scholarships to assist students unable to finance repeated tuition hikes and the steady incline in the cost of attendance, the result of the Commonwealth's struggle to fund its commitment to community college education.
  • Increases college completion rates and closes the skills gap, tipping points for employers as they determine if the Richmond region can support their hiring needs.
  • Secures resources for full-time faculty positions, bolstering the college's capacity to instruct and advise students.
  • Heightens the teaching and learning experience, providing continuing education for faculty to create challenging - and occupationally relevant - curricula.
  • Funds upgrades to facilities, such as new science laboratories, when state funds fall short of construction costs.
  • Elevates the programs and services provided by the college so that students who deserve the best, receive it.

Your philanthropy makes the "vision" for a community college attainable, giving the Richmond region a skilled workforce where all individuals have access to greater economic opportunity if they work for it.